Monday, November 18, 2013

Where We've Been and What To Expect

Hello friends and vintage lovers! This is my second post in seven months, which is ridiculous and embarrassing. To be fair, I have been busy out there in the in the land of lost America, working hard to find great clothing for you. We are expanding our inventory a bit and will be offering more middle 1960's and 70's suits than before; however, our main focus will still be clothing from the 1930's to early 60's.

In the next couple of months, we plan to continue listing suits and sport coats, including tweeds and belted backs. I plan to start updating the blog more often, but only time will tell. We ask that you please "Like" the Real Gone Vintage page on Facebook. There's a chance you'll see more updates there. As always, you can come here to link to our currently listed items on eBay and Etsy.

If any of you hep cats are wondering, we still have a great stock of 1940's and 50's Rockabilly shirts, including deadstock, that we haven't listed yet. We also have more Rockabilly trousers, jackets, and suits to pass along and are rolling them out slowly in our Etsy shop. 

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to stick around for a few minutes of entertainment provided by The Cramps. I've always loved their cover of The Count Five's "Psychotic Reaction." This performance was in Amsterdam back in 1990. Cheers!